Tyranny of Dragons

3 - Battle at Greenest


My final days with the caravan were uneventful. Several days of uninterrupted travel can dull the senses. It is a danger that any guard should be aware of. Thankfully my new companions kept me focused and so I wasn’t caught unaware when we finally neared the town of Greenest.

Greenest is a large town amidst fertile farmland and rolling green hills. As you approach, the town itself is shielded from view by several rises in the landscape. As we neared the settlement however, my new companions and I could clearly see dark smoke rise from the town proper. It was immediately clear that something was amiss in Greenest. We advised the caravan master to keep the wagons hidden from view behind the hills and ventured out to investigate.

Greenest was under attack. The smoke we had seen came from several buildings that had been set ablaze. Several people were running through town , either victims or attackers, which of the two was not immediately clear. At the center of town stood the Greenest keep. The keep seemed secure for the time being and no immediate siege seemed underway but what caught our attention at once was the huge shape of a bleu dragon circling the battlements. Something, a feeling at the back of my mind, told me that a creature such as this could tear the walls of the keep apart in minutes if it so pleased and could have turned the entire town in to an inferno with it’s electric breath. It did no such thing however. Aside from the occasional terrifying roar and blast of crackling energy, it kept patrolling the skies above the keep and the town.


Nothing tests a warrior’s mettle as facing a dragon, so I wondered about my new companions’ reaction. Thankfully they remained true and did not flee. Together we entered the town center, eager to discover what exactly was going on.

It wasn’t long before we came upon warriors bearing markings of the Cult of the Dragon. A foul organization that is used by and in turn makes use of evil chromatic dragons to further its own goals. We rescued several townspeople and tried to escort them to the keep before the invaders started their siege. Unfortunately a large group of cultists and kobolds had already taken position in front of the gate, barring our passage. Amafrey and Mara took sniper positions in separate houses and started to pick off the kobolds one at a time, luring off several groups. This allowed me to charge forward with the rest of my companions to clear the way for the villagers. It was a tough battle, but we managed to get the people and ourselves safely inside the walls of the keep.

And thus began one of the most exhausting nights of my, as of yet rather short, memory. Greenest’s mayor asked us to help with the defense of the town and our group agreed. We cleared out an old escape tunnel beneath the keep, escorted more people inside, helped trapped villagers escape a burning temple …

All night we fought against the invaders, saving as many lives as possible. As the night went on the defenders of the town, including my companions and me became exhausted. I must admit, at one point when the blue dragon attacked the keep, I lost all hope. Somehow we survived however, and by the break of dawn the keep was still standing.

It was then that the leader of the raid, a half-dragon warrior, appeared in front of the gate and challenged one of us to a duel. The stakes were high, the lives of several captured villagers.


Even though I was tired I accepted the challenge. The fight did not last long. The half-dragon cut me down with two strikes of its greatsword. The last thing I remember is falling down and the creature closing in to finish me off.

Apparently Mara and Amafrey saved my life by opening fire on the half-dragon. In doing so they also condemned the lives of the capture villagers, but I cannot be angry at someone for saving my life. I do not want to die.

Our cleric Hannah and the clerics of the keep used their healing magic to get me back on my feet the next day. Again we were asked to help out the town. This time by spying upon the cult at their camp, which we first had to find. The cult had also captured a monk Leosin whom we were asked to rescue. By questioning a cultist we had captured during the raid it had become clear that they were amassing a hoard of treasure for the evil dragon goddess Tiamat whom they believe will return from hell soon. This suggests that they will be raiding other towns and settlements as well. We agreed to the task and Amafrey and Mara scouted ahead. They were ambushed but survived and returned with a route to the hidden camp.
Seeing as how the camp was barely guarded and was lacking I discipline we decided to disguise ourselves as cultists and infiltrate the organization. We found Leosin bound to a pole in the camp and rescued him during the night, together with several other prisoners.
Leosin tells us he viewsthe cultists’ activities as a major threat and has asked us to aid him in combating them.


After I get some sleep I’ll tell him I agree. I hope my companions will join me as well as they have proven to be capable band of adventurers.



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