Tyranny of Dragons

4 - The Cult's camp


Where I last left off, I was ready to accept Leosin’s request to aid him in stopping whatever plans the Cult of the Dragon were hatching.
Now I am comfortably sitting in the inn “A Pair of Black Antlers” in the city of Elturel. Warm food in my belly and a cup of ale on the table in front of me, now I can finally write down the events of the last few days.


As I have stated, I accepted Leosin’s request. I was very thankful to find my companions willing to do the same. Leonin asked us to return to the Cult’s camp where we had resqued him to find more information about the cult’s plans and higher leadership.

To our surprise we found the encampment nearly deserted. The kobold’s huts were burned down and the mercenaries seemed to have left. Only a few guards remained outside to guard the caves. As we had previously done, our group simply strode in to the camp, acting as if we belonged there. The guards offered no resistance. We searched a couple of the smaller, shallower caves, finding nothing before finally entering the deeper underground complex.


The remaining cult forces were not fooled by our disguises and we were forced to fight our way through their subterranean stronghold. I must say that I am truly impressed by my companion’s prowess in battle. Both Amafrey and Mara’s arrows nearly always struck their mark. Furthermore, Mara can become all but invisible when she wants too, firing from the shadows and always catching her prey off guard. Amafrey may lack Mara’s skill in stealth, but she has proven to be as gracefully deadly with her two blades as she is with her bow. The two of them accounted for more than half of our enemies that were defeated. Our warlock companion carried more than his weight in battle as well, drawing as much fire as me. Recent events have left me questioning his dark abilities however and I have begun to wonder if what I previously perceived as courage isn’t some strange deathwish. Time will tell. Of course no recollection of my companions would be complete without a mention of our dwarven cleric Hannah. It is by the grace of her faith in Selune that I am still alive to write this entry in to my journal. Her healing powers and guiding hand prove her devotion to her deïty.

With these trusted companions by my side we fought our way through kobold barracks and drake infested caves. We achieved what we had set out to do when we faced two local leaders of the Cult.

First we faced the half-dragon that had nearly killed me in a duel outside of Greenest keep. While my companions took out his barbarian warriors, I again faced off against him. With some help from Mara I managed to kill him this time.

Later we came face to face with the encampment’s commander named Mondath. Our warlock seemed to have some history with her and after we had defeated and questioned her he was more than happy to end her life. Personally I would have preferred to take her back to Greenest alive to be trialled and executed by the proper authorities, but seeing as how her evil was more than obvious I saw no harm in quickening the proceedings.
Mara found several documents containing information about the Cult’s plans and so we returned to Greenest.

Leosin had already left the town. He had warned us of this possibility and had asked us to follow him to Elturel should this be the case. After resupplying as Greenest we set out to Elturel and reached the city without much difficulty. Although we found no immediate trace of Leosin, we did find Frume, a contact of Leosin at an inn called “A Pair of Black Antlers” .


And that is where we are right now. Leosin has also joined us at the inn and we have spent a few days visiting the city and searching for better gear. Amafrey and Mara went shopping together and returned with several magical items. They seem to be getting along great. Our Warlock found a magical greatsword somewhere within the city and strange occurrences have plagued the inn ever since. Strange and evil auras, signs of fiends within the building… Something is going on with our companion.

I myself stumbled upon a beautiful full plate. Made out of adamantine and decorated with gold an silver it depicts the holy symbol of my lord Bahamut as well as wings on the back and front.

Frume and Seonin have asked us to join them in a little while, as soon as all our companions have returned. I suspect they want to discuss where to go from here. It is clear the Cult of the Dragon is far from done with their evil plans and someone will have to put a stop to them. I can feel this is where lord Bahamut wants me to be, helping Frume and Seonin, so whatever happens, they can count on me.



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