Tyranny of Dragons

1- Rude awakening


I find it difficult to write down my thoughts in common script. My mind keeps turning from orcish to draconic both of which use a different alphabet than common. Still, seeing as how others may need to be able to read my journal back to me one day, I think common may be the best choice.

I have decided to keep a journal of my journey throughout the sword coast. For reasons not exactly clear to me, my mind is often clouded and my memories uncertain and not at all trustworthy. This book will thus serve as a reference to my exploits and a failsafe should I somehow lose my memory again.

My name, right now, is Mhurren. I am sure it is not the name my parents gave me, I am quite certain I once knew someone else with that name, but it was the first name that came to me after I woke up in Waterdeep.

I awoke outside of Waterdeep in a ditch with nothing more than the rags that I was wearing and a holy symbol of the god Bahamut. Although my mind was not exactly blank, I did not know who I was, where I was or what I was doing there. My thoughts were all caught in chaos. Some of them still are to this day. I do not recall exactly how long ago my awakening happened. My best guess would be somewhere around a month or two. It took me several days to gather my wits about me. During those days I begged for food and slept beneath carts or bushes. It took me a while to find a local priest of Bahamut. Seeing the holy symbol, and being a priest of a good diety, he nursed me back to health and helped me bring order to my thoughts.

From what I remember I can make out that my current state is meant as a punishment. Apparently I was once a person of some power and responsibility. I shirked my responsibility however and misused or even abused my power and as such displeased Bahamut. I do not know any more details than this. Bahamut stripped me of my power and sent me out here to pay for my actions.


I can safely say that even though I do not know my trespasses, they must have been grave if they merit divine intervention.

I have chosen not to dwell on the past however. I have clearly been given a second chance and I will not waste it. I am sure that if I can prove my worth and honor to Bahamut, that he will at least grant me my memories back.

After having centered myself I set out to try and find out who I was exactly. A short trip to a mage made it clear that I had not arcane abilities or potential and through meditation and prayer I found no trace of any divine energies channeled though me. That left me with no other option than a warrior’s life. Luckily there were no short of small groups of mercenaries willing to take on a cheap if yet untrained recruit. I took to the way of the sword pretty easily. It took me about a month of intense training to master the shield and longsword and become one of the better soldiers in my squad. My guess is that I was a warrior as well in my previous life and that’s where my insight in to battle comes from.

Whatever may be, after about a month I started having a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I was wanted or maybe even needed elsewhere. The feeling persisted and by looking over several maps I came upon the village of Greenest. From that moment I knew that was where I needed to go. Even more so, I knew it is the will of Bahamut that I traveled there. So I did.



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