Tyranny of Dragons

6 - Scaly rebellion


Last I wrote, I wondered how far up north the Cult of the Dragon was heading. I feared they might be travelling all the way to Icewind Dale. Thankfully, they weren’t. Amafrey and I followed the caravan to an outpost on the old road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter. The outpost seems to be a base of operations for workers trying to repair the road between these two great cities.

We traveled for about a week, trailing the caravan, and the trip was far from uneventfull. Every few days we encountered some new threat. Ogres, bandits and even a troll sought to end our lives. Through teamwork and more than a little luck, we managed to survive however.

The ogres were easily dispatched once Amafrey and I found out that I could keep their attention on me while she shot them from afar. The troll went down easily enough as well, but refused to stay down. Neither Amafrey nor I have any experience dealing with these creatures so we made our escape while the beast was literally putting itself back together.

Once we reached the outpost Amafrey and I set out to survey the surrounding area. We came upon several lizardmen transporting heavy crates out of a secret tunnel. Through my clumsiness I unwantedly attracted their attention which almost caused the death of both me and my companion. We fought bravely but once Amafrey went down I poured my only healing potion down her throat and ordered her to flee while I covered her escape. I did not expect to see another sunrise.
It appears that Bahamut is not yet ready to receive my soul however. Against all odds I defeated the remaining lizardmen and managed to capture one of them. Once Amafrey returned we questioned him and found out the lizardfolk were working for the Cult in exchange for metal weapons. I offered them a better deal and after consulting with the chief they agreed.

Amafrey retrieved our companions from within the outpost and we traveled back to Waterdeep. I used some of the treasure we found in the Cult’s crates to buy the Lizardfolk’s weapons, and after dealing with a lot of red tape, we returned to the region of the outpost.

The lizardfolk kept their end of the deal and after we handed over the weapons they brought us to the Cult’s hideout, a keep in the middle of a swamp.


Amafrey and Mara scouted the keep and assassinated several key figures and the Lizardfolk took out the many guards. Taking the keep proved to be easier than expected. The Cult’s local leader, Resmir, seems to have escaped through a portal in the dungeons beneath the keep.

As I am writing this quick entry, my companions and I are preparing to venture down in to the dungeon to find the portal and kill Resmir once and for all.

5 - Life on the road


As expected Leosin and Frume asked my friends and I to help them put a stop to the plans of the Cult of the Dragon. The Cult have gathered quite a lot of loot and are trying to transport it up north. In order to conceal their illicit activities, they travel in the guise of honest merchants and join one of the established trade caravans that head out of Baldur’s Gate.

Leosin and Frume asked us to join the caravan as well, posing as guards, to keep an eye on the Cult’s activities and find out their destination. We all agreed. A small sailing boat brought us to the city of Baldur’s Gate where we tried to impress the caravan handler and the various merchants to obtain a job. I was hired as a bodyguard to a moon-elf merchant named Edhelri. Mara scored a job as a bodyguard as well and Amafrey was hired as a general caravan guard. Our other companions could not obtain employment and were forced to travel as normal travelers, a rather common practice as many travelers join the caravan for security reasons.


The caravan would head up to Waterdeep, a journey of about 60 days. A long and somewhat dangerous journey, as would soon become apparent.

With people constantly joining and leaving the group of travelers and even merchants, keeping security tight was all but impossible. Although most of the 60 days were uneventful, we did encounter perytons and screaming mushrooms.

We also had a few more colorful encounters with, among others, a group of fake adventurers. These yokels told a good tale, but were obvious frauds. Our warlock showed them the error of their ways by scaring the living daylight out of their wannabe wizard.

We also met up with a harper agent who had been captured and left for dead by cultists and another agent of some, as of yet unidentified, faction also tracking the cultists’ movements.

A few days out of Waterdeep merchants started dying. They were poisoned. While we tried to protect the surviving merchants Mara took down the culprit without being seen.

I wish I could say our mission was a great success, but I am afraid I got myself recognized by the cultists. I tried to keep my distance from the others as soon as I noticed I had been made, but I do not know if they recognized anyone else.


Because I was found out, I did not join the others after Waterdeep. The cultists left the caravan in the City of splendors and joined another group of wagons filled with construction materials meant for the road north. My companions joined that wagon-train as well. I decided to track the caravan from a distance. Amafrey stayed by my side. Both of us are quite comfortable out here in the wilderness, so I am confident we can keep track of the wagons.

I just wonder how far up north these cultists are heading. Are they going up to Neverwinter? Will they push on towards Luskan? Maybe they are heading all the way up towards Icewind Dale, Amafrey’s home.

4 - The Cult's camp


Where I last left off, I was ready to accept Leosin’s request to aid him in stopping whatever plans the Cult of the Dragon were hatching.
Now I am comfortably sitting in the inn “A Pair of Black Antlers” in the city of Elturel. Warm food in my belly and a cup of ale on the table in front of me, now I can finally write down the events of the last few days.


As I have stated, I accepted Leosin’s request. I was very thankful to find my companions willing to do the same. Leonin asked us to return to the Cult’s camp where we had resqued him to find more information about the cult’s plans and higher leadership.

To our surprise we found the encampment nearly deserted. The kobold’s huts were burned down and the mercenaries seemed to have left. Only a few guards remained outside to guard the caves. As we had previously done, our group simply strode in to the camp, acting as if we belonged there. The guards offered no resistance. We searched a couple of the smaller, shallower caves, finding nothing before finally entering the deeper underground complex.


The remaining cult forces were not fooled by our disguises and we were forced to fight our way through their subterranean stronghold. I must say that I am truly impressed by my companion’s prowess in battle. Both Amafrey and Mara’s arrows nearly always struck their mark. Furthermore, Mara can become all but invisible when she wants too, firing from the shadows and always catching her prey off guard. Amafrey may lack Mara’s skill in stealth, but she has proven to be as gracefully deadly with her two blades as she is with her bow. The two of them accounted for more than half of our enemies that were defeated. Our warlock companion carried more than his weight in battle as well, drawing as much fire as me. Recent events have left me questioning his dark abilities however and I have begun to wonder if what I previously perceived as courage isn’t some strange deathwish. Time will tell. Of course no recollection of my companions would be complete without a mention of our dwarven cleric Hannah. It is by the grace of her faith in Selune that I am still alive to write this entry in to my journal. Her healing powers and guiding hand prove her devotion to her deïty.

With these trusted companions by my side we fought our way through kobold barracks and drake infested caves. We achieved what we had set out to do when we faced two local leaders of the Cult.

First we faced the half-dragon that had nearly killed me in a duel outside of Greenest keep. While my companions took out his barbarian warriors, I again faced off against him. With some help from Mara I managed to kill him this time.

Later we came face to face with the encampment’s commander named Mondath. Our warlock seemed to have some history with her and after we had defeated and questioned her he was more than happy to end her life. Personally I would have preferred to take her back to Greenest alive to be trialled and executed by the proper authorities, but seeing as how her evil was more than obvious I saw no harm in quickening the proceedings.
Mara found several documents containing information about the Cult’s plans and so we returned to Greenest.

Leosin had already left the town. He had warned us of this possibility and had asked us to follow him to Elturel should this be the case. After resupplying as Greenest we set out to Elturel and reached the city without much difficulty. Although we found no immediate trace of Leosin, we did find Frume, a contact of Leosin at an inn called “A Pair of Black Antlers” .


And that is where we are right now. Leosin has also joined us at the inn and we have spent a few days visiting the city and searching for better gear. Amafrey and Mara went shopping together and returned with several magical items. They seem to be getting along great. Our Warlock found a magical greatsword somewhere within the city and strange occurrences have plagued the inn ever since. Strange and evil auras, signs of fiends within the building… Something is going on with our companion.

I myself stumbled upon a beautiful full plate. Made out of adamantine and decorated with gold an silver it depicts the holy symbol of my lord Bahamut as well as wings on the back and front.

Frume and Seonin have asked us to join them in a little while, as soon as all our companions have returned. I suspect they want to discuss where to go from here. It is clear the Cult of the Dragon is far from done with their evil plans and someone will have to put a stop to them. I can feel this is where lord Bahamut wants me to be, helping Frume and Seonin, so whatever happens, they can count on me.

3 - Battle at Greenest


My final days with the caravan were uneventful. Several days of uninterrupted travel can dull the senses. It is a danger that any guard should be aware of. Thankfully my new companions kept me focused and so I wasn’t caught unaware when we finally neared the town of Greenest.

Greenest is a large town amidst fertile farmland and rolling green hills. As you approach, the town itself is shielded from view by several rises in the landscape. As we neared the settlement however, my new companions and I could clearly see dark smoke rise from the town proper. It was immediately clear that something was amiss in Greenest. We advised the caravan master to keep the wagons hidden from view behind the hills and ventured out to investigate.

Greenest was under attack. The smoke we had seen came from several buildings that had been set ablaze. Several people were running through town , either victims or attackers, which of the two was not immediately clear. At the center of town stood the Greenest keep. The keep seemed secure for the time being and no immediate siege seemed underway but what caught our attention at once was the huge shape of a bleu dragon circling the battlements. Something, a feeling at the back of my mind, told me that a creature such as this could tear the walls of the keep apart in minutes if it so pleased and could have turned the entire town in to an inferno with it’s electric breath. It did no such thing however. Aside from the occasional terrifying roar and blast of crackling energy, it kept patrolling the skies above the keep and the town.


Nothing tests a warrior’s mettle as facing a dragon, so I wondered about my new companions’ reaction. Thankfully they remained true and did not flee. Together we entered the town center, eager to discover what exactly was going on.

It wasn’t long before we came upon warriors bearing markings of the Cult of the Dragon. A foul organization that is used by and in turn makes use of evil chromatic dragons to further its own goals. We rescued several townspeople and tried to escort them to the keep before the invaders started their siege. Unfortunately a large group of cultists and kobolds had already taken position in front of the gate, barring our passage. Amafrey and Mara took sniper positions in separate houses and started to pick off the kobolds one at a time, luring off several groups. This allowed me to charge forward with the rest of my companions to clear the way for the villagers. It was a tough battle, but we managed to get the people and ourselves safely inside the walls of the keep.

And thus began one of the most exhausting nights of my, as of yet rather short, memory. Greenest’s mayor asked us to help with the defense of the town and our group agreed. We cleared out an old escape tunnel beneath the keep, escorted more people inside, helped trapped villagers escape a burning temple …

All night we fought against the invaders, saving as many lives as possible. As the night went on the defenders of the town, including my companions and me became exhausted. I must admit, at one point when the blue dragon attacked the keep, I lost all hope. Somehow we survived however, and by the break of dawn the keep was still standing.

It was then that the leader of the raid, a half-dragon warrior, appeared in front of the gate and challenged one of us to a duel. The stakes were high, the lives of several captured villagers.


Even though I was tired I accepted the challenge. The fight did not last long. The half-dragon cut me down with two strikes of its greatsword. The last thing I remember is falling down and the creature closing in to finish me off.

Apparently Mara and Amafrey saved my life by opening fire on the half-dragon. In doing so they also condemned the lives of the capture villagers, but I cannot be angry at someone for saving my life. I do not want to die.

Our cleric Hannah and the clerics of the keep used their healing magic to get me back on my feet the next day. Again we were asked to help out the town. This time by spying upon the cult at their camp, which we first had to find. The cult had also captured a monk Leosin whom we were asked to rescue. By questioning a cultist we had captured during the raid it had become clear that they were amassing a hoard of treasure for the evil dragon goddess Tiamat whom they believe will return from hell soon. This suggests that they will be raiding other towns and settlements as well. We agreed to the task and Amafrey and Mara scouted ahead. They were ambushed but survived and returned with a route to the hidden camp.
Seeing as how the camp was barely guarded and was lacking I discipline we decided to disguise ourselves as cultists and infiltrate the organization. We found Leosin bound to a pole in the camp and rescued him during the night, together with several other prisoners.
Leosin tells us he viewsthe cultists’ activities as a major threat and has asked us to aid him in combating them.


After I get some sleep I’ll tell him I agree. I hope my companions will join me as well as they have proven to be capable band of adventurers.

2 - New companions


coming soon

1- Rude awakening


I find it difficult to write down my thoughts in common script. My mind keeps turning from orcish to draconic both of which use a different alphabet than common. Still, seeing as how others may need to be able to read my journal back to me one day, I think common may be the best choice.

I have decided to keep a journal of my journey throughout the sword coast. For reasons not exactly clear to me, my mind is often clouded and my memories uncertain and not at all trustworthy. This book will thus serve as a reference to my exploits and a failsafe should I somehow lose my memory again.

My name, right now, is Mhurren. I am sure it is not the name my parents gave me, I am quite certain I once knew someone else with that name, but it was the first name that came to me after I woke up in Waterdeep.

I awoke outside of Waterdeep in a ditch with nothing more than the rags that I was wearing and a holy symbol of the god Bahamut. Although my mind was not exactly blank, I did not know who I was, where I was or what I was doing there. My thoughts were all caught in chaos. Some of them still are to this day. I do not recall exactly how long ago my awakening happened. My best guess would be somewhere around a month or two. It took me several days to gather my wits about me. During those days I begged for food and slept beneath carts or bushes. It took me a while to find a local priest of Bahamut. Seeing the holy symbol, and being a priest of a good diety, he nursed me back to health and helped me bring order to my thoughts.

From what I remember I can make out that my current state is meant as a punishment. Apparently I was once a person of some power and responsibility. I shirked my responsibility however and misused or even abused my power and as such displeased Bahamut. I do not know any more details than this. Bahamut stripped me of my power and sent me out here to pay for my actions.


I can safely say that even though I do not know my trespasses, they must have been grave if they merit divine intervention.

I have chosen not to dwell on the past however. I have clearly been given a second chance and I will not waste it. I am sure that if I can prove my worth and honor to Bahamut, that he will at least grant me my memories back.

After having centered myself I set out to try and find out who I was exactly. A short trip to a mage made it clear that I had not arcane abilities or potential and through meditation and prayer I found no trace of any divine energies channeled though me. That left me with no other option than a warrior’s life. Luckily there were no short of small groups of mercenaries willing to take on a cheap if yet untrained recruit. I took to the way of the sword pretty easily. It took me about a month of intense training to master the shield and longsword and become one of the better soldiers in my squad. My guess is that I was a warrior as well in my previous life and that’s where my insight in to battle comes from.

Whatever may be, after about a month I started having a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that I was wanted or maybe even needed elsewhere. The feeling persisted and by looking over several maps I came upon the village of Greenest. From that moment I knew that was where I needed to go. Even more so, I knew it is the will of Bahamut that I traveled there. So I did.


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