Tyranny of Dragons

5 - Life on the road


As expected Leosin and Frume asked my friends and I to help them put a stop to the plans of the Cult of the Dragon. The Cult have gathered quite a lot of loot and are trying to transport it up north. In order to conceal their illicit activities, they travel in the guise of honest merchants and join one of the established trade caravans that head out of Baldur’s Gate.

Leosin and Frume asked us to join the caravan as well, posing as guards, to keep an eye on the Cult’s activities and find out their destination. We all agreed. A small sailing boat brought us to the city of Baldur’s Gate where we tried to impress the caravan handler and the various merchants to obtain a job. I was hired as a bodyguard to a moon-elf merchant named Edhelri. Mara scored a job as a bodyguard as well and Amafrey was hired as a general caravan guard. Our other companions could not obtain employment and were forced to travel as normal travelers, a rather common practice as many travelers join the caravan for security reasons.


The caravan would head up to Waterdeep, a journey of about 60 days. A long and somewhat dangerous journey, as would soon become apparent.

With people constantly joining and leaving the group of travelers and even merchants, keeping security tight was all but impossible. Although most of the 60 days were uneventful, we did encounter perytons and screaming mushrooms.

We also had a few more colorful encounters with, among others, a group of fake adventurers. These yokels told a good tale, but were obvious frauds. Our warlock showed them the error of their ways by scaring the living daylight out of their wannabe wizard.

We also met up with a harper agent who had been captured and left for dead by cultists and another agent of some, as of yet unidentified, faction also tracking the cultists’ movements.

A few days out of Waterdeep merchants started dying. They were poisoned. While we tried to protect the surviving merchants Mara took down the culprit without being seen.

I wish I could say our mission was a great success, but I am afraid I got myself recognized by the cultists. I tried to keep my distance from the others as soon as I noticed I had been made, but I do not know if they recognized anyone else.


Because I was found out, I did not join the others after Waterdeep. The cultists left the caravan in the City of splendors and joined another group of wagons filled with construction materials meant for the road north. My companions joined that wagon-train as well. I decided to track the caravan from a distance. Amafrey stayed by my side. Both of us are quite comfortable out here in the wilderness, so I am confident we can keep track of the wagons.

I just wonder how far up north these cultists are heading. Are they going up to Neverwinter? Will they push on towards Luskan? Maybe they are heading all the way up towards Icewind Dale, Amafrey’s home.



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