Tyranny of Dragons

6 - Scaly rebellion


Last I wrote, I wondered how far up north the Cult of the Dragon was heading. I feared they might be travelling all the way to Icewind Dale. Thankfully, they weren’t. Amafrey and I followed the caravan to an outpost on the old road between Waterdeep and Neverwinter. The outpost seems to be a base of operations for workers trying to repair the road between these two great cities.

We traveled for about a week, trailing the caravan, and the trip was far from uneventfull. Every few days we encountered some new threat. Ogres, bandits and even a troll sought to end our lives. Through teamwork and more than a little luck, we managed to survive however.

The ogres were easily dispatched once Amafrey and I found out that I could keep their attention on me while she shot them from afar. The troll went down easily enough as well, but refused to stay down. Neither Amafrey nor I have any experience dealing with these creatures so we made our escape while the beast was literally putting itself back together.

Once we reached the outpost Amafrey and I set out to survey the surrounding area. We came upon several lizardmen transporting heavy crates out of a secret tunnel. Through my clumsiness I unwantedly attracted their attention which almost caused the death of both me and my companion. We fought bravely but once Amafrey went down I poured my only healing potion down her throat and ordered her to flee while I covered her escape. I did not expect to see another sunrise.
It appears that Bahamut is not yet ready to receive my soul however. Against all odds I defeated the remaining lizardmen and managed to capture one of them. Once Amafrey returned we questioned him and found out the lizardfolk were working for the Cult in exchange for metal weapons. I offered them a better deal and after consulting with the chief they agreed.

Amafrey retrieved our companions from within the outpost and we traveled back to Waterdeep. I used some of the treasure we found in the Cult’s crates to buy the Lizardfolk’s weapons, and after dealing with a lot of red tape, we returned to the region of the outpost.

The lizardfolk kept their end of the deal and after we handed over the weapons they brought us to the Cult’s hideout, a keep in the middle of a swamp.


Amafrey and Mara scouted the keep and assassinated several key figures and the Lizardfolk took out the many guards. Taking the keep proved to be easier than expected. The Cult’s local leader, Resmir, seems to have escaped through a portal in the dungeons beneath the keep.

As I am writing this quick entry, my companions and I are preparing to venture down in to the dungeon to find the portal and kill Resmir once and for all.



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