This is a beautifully crafted bow of unknown design.

5) Accept the Pain: You must allow another character proficient with shortbows to shoot you point blank with Stalker’s Bow, dealing you damage; without explaining why.
This magical bow offers no bonuses to hit or damage, but it does have the unique property of firing two arrows at a time. Whenever a non-magical arrow is fired from this bow, the bow automatically creates and fires a second arrow.

If the first arrow hits its target, the second has Advantage; if the first shot misses, the second arrow has normal probabilities to hit. All arrows shot from this bow, whether they hit or not, are destroyed upon impact (or as soon as it is determined that they did not hit) and cannot be recovered.

The wielder understands that to unlock further powers she will need to learn and accept the pain she deals, and must defeat an outsider in personal combat.
For level 10: Blood From a Friend: You are required to deal damage to a close friend or ally with a point blank shot from Stalker’s Bow, as a test of trust and friendship, and a lesson about the destructive qualities of violence.


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