Black Bow


This black bow is intricately detailed. In certain light conditions red tinted skulls can be seen in its decoration.
The bow only functions for its wielder if it has been fed blood within the last 24 hours; a drop is enough.

5) The first time the wielder activates this bow by feeding it blood after he reaches level 5 the true power of this bow becomes apparent.
First, the decorations that were visible seem to change; Where first one saw skulls in certain lightconditions, this design now changes to something else, although it is not quite clear what that is.
The bow sometimes softly whispers to its wielder in elven about loss and sorrow.
It warns the wielder if a drow is within 60 feet by talking angryly about taking revenge on all drow and slaughtering them.
It no longer needs ammo; instead it creates its own non magical ammo.

10) +2; +1d6 vs elves; doubles enhancement bonus vs elves
15) +3; darkvision range doubled

Black Bow

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