This greatsword is of Elven craftsmanship. It was made during the hight of Myth Drannor for one of its greatest generals.
Near the hilt the blade is marked with the master sign of its creator: Demron.

When first drawn this weapon functions as a +1 greatsword, but somehow hints of higher potential.

5) Whenever the wielder is resting Morvian will be on his mind in some way, making him draw the blade. The first time the wielder actually starts practicing his moves, he will do it for two hours straight unless someone interrupts him making this impossible.
This will create a bond with the weapon, unlocking its potential.
The weapon is now +2; +1d6 damag vs undead

10) +1d6 vs chaos and daylight 1/long rest
15) +3; +1d6 vs outsiders


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